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    Servo Systems

    Servo controlled systems is a specialist area in which Scomac Automation has had extensive experience. The following are samples of the type of projects that we have successfully completed.

    Fibreglass Tank Filament Winder

    This is a 5 axes fibreglass tank winding machine for tanks up to 10metres long and 4metres in diameter. This system utilises a CAD/CAM front end interface to draw the tank and then produce code (similar to machining "G code") which the motion control processor can run.

    Four Wheel Drive Differential Tester

    Differential tester for a major international company who produces differentials and gearboxes for local vehicle manufacturers. This system is required to independently drive 2 axes that are locked together mechanically and then oscillate the speed of one in respect to the other to determine the preload of the bearings and record the backlash between the gears using torque sensors. 131072 pulses per revolution was required to get the desired resolution.

    Wire Bending Machine

     This is a 3 axes wire bending machine that the user can program to bend wire into virtually any shape by adjusting the 3 axes.

    Window Parts Cut to Length and Machining Centre

    The system takes long lengths of aluminium extrusion into one machine and cuts them to length determined by variables downloaded to a PLC. The individual parts are then passed to a machining centre and machined according to variables downloaded to a PLC. This machining centre contains 16 axes of servo controlled motion plus the additional 2 off 6 axes feed robots. The 16 axes of servo motion are divided into one motion controller controlling 4 independent part handling grippers, and 4 off motion controllers controlling 3 axes machining heads. The machining heads had to utilise inverse kinematics and phantom axes as one axis was circular instead of the normal linear movement. The machining system incorporated a standard CAD/CAM front end to import 3D SolidWorks drawings of parts which were then used to produce "G code" for the machining heads.

    Variable Speed Drives

    In automation projects a vast majority of systems do not need the precision of servo systems and can utilise variable speed drives.

    Scomac Automation has had extensive experience with all the leading makes of variable speed drives in a huge variety of applications from conveyors to pumps.


    Regardless of whether you are integrating an “off the shelf” robot or a purpose built machine Scomac Automation has the experience to help.