The Challenge

    The challenge in today's highly competitive business world is to keep one step ahead of the competition. This is particularly the case in Australia where our distance from major markets and high production costs make it imperative that we adopt vigorous R&D programs to gain a competitive edge.


    The phrases "if only we had a machine that could do ..." or "if we had some software to do ..." are the starters for most R&D projects. Progressive thinking from company management and engineering staff and most importantly the drive to implement and complete an R&D project are the ingredients for keeping a company at the top of their respective markets.

    The Solution

    Scomac Automation can provide a complete "turn key" solution or individual aspects of the R&D process which include:

    • Initial investigation and return on investment calculations to form a proposal to put to management.
    • Functional specifications to form the basis of the documentation for the tender process.
    • System design including mechanical, electrical and software components.
    • Project management and supervision.
    • System commissioning and testing.
    • From a simple microprocessor based product or a smart piece of software to a complete manufacturing line, Scomac Automation has the skills and expertise to ensure the success of any project.

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