Manufacturing Intelligence Systems (MIS)                                                                                                  


    Originally described as manufacturing execution systems (MES) which was more of a black box between the manufacturing plant systems and the business system, the field has grown to encompass all aspects of a plants performance with its own visual interface as well as the interface between the plant floor and business systems.

    Planning for an MIS System

    The crucial element in implementing manufacturing intelligence systems is firstly to do an audit of all the key players involved to determine exactly what information is required and how often it needs to be updated. In this way it also becomes a business analysis solution in helping to determine where the manufacturing deficiencies are within a plant. It is not good enough to just install some software and then decide what information it might be good to have.

    System Selection

    The results of the initial audit will simplify the choice of the required software that needs to be implemented. It may work out that all is required is a simple SCADA type solution interrogating a few PLCs or that a full blown MIS system  is required to deliver the information that management requires.

    System Integration

    Scomac Automation can help in all aspects of manufacturing intelligence systems be it the initial audit, software selection and implementation, generating the required key performance indicators (KPI) information and the overall equipment efficiency of the plant, and any reports required by management.